When it’s time to update your bathrooms, you have many choices. At Master Design & Remodel, we’ll show you several ways you could make the most of the space you’ve got and we can also extend your bathroom space in many cases.

The way many floorplans are designed, master bathrooms are an exterior wall of a bottom floor. If you’re working with small space, a bathroom “bumpout” might be the way to go. By adding a small addition off the house, the bathroom can extend out and you may find space for a walk-in closet, dual vanities, a large shower, and a garden tub with new windows.

At Master Design & Remodel, we see every update as an opportunity to make your house function at its highest. We are your Orlando bathroom remodel resource and we are happy to work with your budget and show you what’s possible. A bathroom bumpout might me just the addition you need to maximize your new bathroom remodel project!